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UTM-Podcast 018 [Jul 2020]

…und nun auch im Podcast. UTM präsentiert: den UTM-Podcast! Von nun an versorgt euch Metric monatlich mit einer geballten Portion frischen DnB aus mehreren Subgenres. Neben aktuellen Veröffentlichungen erhalten auch forthcoming Releases bzw. unveröffentlichte Tracks Einzug in den Podcast. Und da wir auch unser internationales Publikum ansprechen wollen, wird der Cast von Metric auf English gehostet. Tune in and lean back!

Drum and Bass – Liquid, Uplifting, Techstep, Raggajungle, Jumpup, Neurofunk, Darkstep


Friske – untitled piano (album: a different perspective)
Kaii Concept – lazy Sunday (DNBB)
Carter, Paul SG & Tuff Gee – way ahead (Jazzsticks)
Phaction – cherished one (Spearhead)
Option & Qi – float (Samsara Beats)
Cnof – behind hidden memories (Fokuz)
Actraiser – stardust (Celsius)
Askel & Elere – space to be yourself (Fokuz)
Henry & Echo Motion – sun in your eyes (Glitch Audio)
Messiah – passion (Celsius)
Subdue – aura (free)
Amplified Motion & Decem – hold on (Dephrecords) – astral tralk (Chrizz0r remix) (free)
FD – lie to you (instrumental) (The North Quarter)
Mitekiss – charter (Hospital)
Tubba T & Taylr Renne – howl at the moon (album: the essence of life)
Shapeless – dreaming (Differential)
Oddsoul – just breathe (Beats in Mind)
Funkware – precious (album: monologue)
Ben Vibrant – got your number (DNBB)
Keeno – equinox (Hospital)
Linear – calling (Detached Audio)
Mayforms – the movement (instrumental) (DNBB)
Raybee – city lights (Beats in Mind)
Viewer – way to express (Weapons of Choice)
FX909 – wrong hand (Super Lit)
Easy & Geeks – you got me (Beats in Mind)
Monrroe & Telomic – need nothing (Galacy)
Promenade – deep blue (album: ballads 2)
Twintone & Jess Done – days without you (Rotation Deep)
dj Ransome & Synthforce – midsummer boulevard (Default)
Heft – dream (DNBB)
Duoscience – invisible key 2020 (album: recap)
Petroll – carbon (free)
Su3lime – breakwater (Bay 6)
Muffler – shadows (album: thousand planets)
Jazzinspired – cloud surfing (Smooth´n´Groove)
HumaNature – blinded by your light (Galacy)
Mage – clear sky (Celsius)
Project Lando & Shodan – never wanna let you go (Ten Ton Beats)
Motiv – glass hearts (Fokuz)
Jrumhand – Sennet (Soul Deep Exclusives)
Jakart & KD – atman (Sofa Sound)
Marcus Tee – a place where I belong (Soul Deep Digital)
Sl8r – everything (Chronic)
Dephzac – whistly (Dephrecords)
Mystific – atlantic desire (Celsius)
Rowpieces – love´s gonna heal the world (Rowtown)
Peshay & Steppa – red sun (Peshay Music)
Essenger – after dark (Protostar instrumental) (Fixt)
Pulsar – eclipse (Viper)
L Plus – the Orion (Technique)
Toronto is Broken & Amy Kirkpatrick – between planes (Yana)
Metrik – ex-machina (album: ex-machina)
Blue Marble – soulset (album: Pangea)
Agamath – cloud nine (DnB Database)
The Outsiders & Ida – run away (Galacy)
Tekel – cloudkicker (Subtitles)
BSA – damaged skies (Lost Together)
Felix Cartal – mine (Sastruga remix) (free)
Ground – regain (Flexout)
Resume – union (Lockmars Audio)
Victim – the ghost of H.P (Citrus)
Dose & Confusious – hurt so bad (Huski)
Lurch – off grid (Sixteen Step)
Brain Crisis – let down (High Resistance)
Balatron – silo (Diascope)
Psynchro – binary (High Tea Music)
Serum – trident (ThirtyOne)
Voltage – cold air (Souped Up)
Teej – escalation protocol (Co-Lab)
Fokus, Tephra & Arkoze – pitch black (Dispatch)
Forbidden Society – subworld (Vision)
Glÿph & Hystatus – inflow cycle (DLT9)
Skylark & Gyrofield – ergo (Dividid)
Askel & Elere – distance VIP (Midnight Sun)
Whiney & MC GQ – Guernsey airport bubbler (Hospital)
Octo Pi & Lady Tate – this sound (Viper)
Concept One – conscious drowning (P Lab)
Insct – waterbombs (Insct & Mean Teeth remix) (free)
Marcus Visionary – real warrior (Werkflow remix) (Stereo One Music)
Ozma – ghosts (Ozriders)
Zombie Cats & Phetsta – nrg (Submarine remix) (Major League DnB)
Screamarts – legend (Ekou)
Freshney – clocked (Ekou)
Psynchro – weird synth (Cyberfunk)
Invadhertz – dissolve (Vandal)
Wingz – with you (Context Audio)
dj Marky, Pola & Bryson – into the blue ( remix) (Shogun Audio)
Siege MC – plastic people (Soulvent)
Elbi – successful adaption (The Skank Bank)
Guest – you do you (free)
Rettir – farewell (Strictly Deep DnB)
Arcatype – canopy (CIA)
Untrue – your face (Fokuz)
At.las & Subdue – take me there (free)
Anthony Granata – mercy (album: revelations)
Picota & Kumbh – it´s you again (Celsius)
Kyrist – chimera (Kyrist Music)
Enei, Particle & Jakes – fame (Critical)
Spinline – Brighton (Sofa Sound)
Photon – falling asleep (Ekou)
Krypta – tibia (Strictly Deep DnB)
Lynch Kingsley – inner vision (album: death cycles)
Waeys – mapper (Overview Music)
HumaNature – odyssey (Fokuz)
Sili – just breathe (Delta9)
Matt Deco – lensing (Vibe Studies)
QZB – nautilus (Flexout)
Solsan – red wolf (Celsius)
Conrad Subs – give it everything (Amphibious Audio)
Tyrone – the disciple (Guidance UK)
KL – hammerfist (Pick´n´Mix)
Akov – losing time (Eatbrain)
Urbandawn – carnival blues (Hospital)
Zombie Cats – belong (Program)
Valiant Emcee – update funk (J.o.e. remix) (Dutty Bass Audio)
Sidhu Moose Wala, Steel Banglez, Mist & Stefflon Don – 47 (Bally & Boom remix) (free)
Flat T & J2B – funkadelic (Four Corners)
Warhead – careless (Octave)
Error404 – got 2 keep it moving (Program)
Halftone – spin out (Fuck About! Drum´n´Bass)
Madusea – cold heart (free)
Dissident & Cyberworm – Zerkalo (Pryzma remix) (album: antrakt remixes)
Danky – stuck (Samsara Beats)
Bungle – bad math (Influence)
TC & Jakes – rep (Taby remix) (unreleased)
Kleu – watch this now (Dub Shotta)
Uniques – brand new yout (24 Karat)
Lowriderz & Shiny Radio, Blackout Ja – face defeat (Brian Brainstorm remix) (Original Key)
Brian Brainstorm & Speaker Louis – coke and rum (Jungle Cakes)
Magenta – big nose many hoes (Low Down Deep)
Complex – triumph (Bandcamp)
Annix – millionaire 2020 (album: tunnel vision)
Toxinate – Buckwood skank (Walking Dead)
Jeopardize – the death marshes (Low Down Deep)
Fanatics – oleander (Young Guns)
dj Phantasy – can´t help myself (album: generations)
Complex – rumble in the jungle (Subway Soundz)
Macky Gee & Mefjus – the devil (album: it´s a Gee thing)
Rido & Coppa – my thoughts (Rido Music)
Nuvertal – what else to say (Program)
Ovzerver – basis (free)
Teddy Killerz – shine (Neuropunk)
Warp Fa2e & MC Coppa – no fear (Print remix) (Close 2 Death)
Task Horizon – inner worlds (Evolution Chamber)
Tobax – ghost town (Eatbrain)
TR Tactics, Inward, Hanzo & Randie – light hammer (C4C Limited)
Despersion – warhead (Neuropunk)
The Prophecy – vaccsine (Code Smell)
Clusta – difference (unreleased)
Harley D – welcome to the universe (Cre8DnB)
Merikan – black antilope (Blackout)
Rogue – wildcard (Mindocracy)
East Kingdom, Kryzys & Gorebug – we are infinite (album: identity)
Counterstrike – dome of light (Algorythm)

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ReleasedateCatalog-Nr.:ReleaseGenreListen, Stream OR BUYCover
Februar 23, 2024UTMR095Freezidnb - Burned Love LettersDrum and Bass
Februar 9, 2024UTMR094Tornatic - Deep N´ BassDrum and Bass
Januar 26, 2024UTMR093Confusion - BassfaceDrum and Bass
Januar 12, 2024UTMR092Agressor Bunx - HyperdustDrum and Bass
Dezember 29, 2023UTMR091Dirty Plates - Evil ShadowsDrum and Bass
Dezember 15, 2023UTMR090Faun Dation - Voice in My HeadDrum and Bass
Dezember 1, 2023UTMR089Drumago - The Evil InsideDrum and Bass
November 17, 2023UTMR088GMG - TurnDrum and Bass
November 4, 2023UTMR087UTM EP Vol. 11
(Agressor Bunx, Echochambers, Freezidnb, Gisix, Ethera)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 20, 2023UTMR086Subsko - WireDrum and Bass
Oktober 6, 2023UTMR085MILA207 & Dephzac - Deep & DarkDrum and Bass
September 22, 2023UTMR084Judokay - Delivery Remixes, Pt. OneDrum and Bass
September 20, 2023UTMR083Judokay - 2 Tuff (Eskei83 Remix)Drum and Bass
September 8, 2023UTMR082Mc Lovin - Dream LandDrum and Bass
August 25, 2023UTMR081Noise.Dsgnr - Chaos TheoryDrum and Bass
August 11, 2023UTMR080gus - A Cure for DepressionDrum and Bass
Juli 28, 2023UTMR079UTM Various Flavours of Drum and Bass Compilation Vol. 3Drum and Bass
Juli 14, 2023UTMR078Ill Dynamics - DeathmachineDrum and Bass
Juni 30, 2023UTMR077Desire - Lose ControlDrum and Bass
Juni 16, 2023UTMR076Joined Forces 2
(Tobax, Karpa & Confusion, NERVƎ, Tantrum.Today, it is Jev, Sindicate, Bongy)
Drum and Bass
Juni 2, 2023UTMR075Squnc - Dreams of TechnologyDrum and Bass
Mai 19, 2023UTMR074Tornatic - Back to the MadnessDrum and Bass
Mai 5, 2023UTMR073N.O.C.K - Changing WorldDrum and Bass
April 21, 2023UTMR072UTM EP Vol. 10
(Sinister Souls, Dub Flavour, Faun Dation, Gisix, Wake N Bass)
Drum and Bass
April 7, 2023UTMR071Void S - ShaolinDrum and Bass
März 24, 2023UTMR070Kontrakt - BiomutantDrum and Bass
März 10, 2023UTMR069Chax - FractureDrum and Bass
Februar 24, 2023UTMR068Bare the RootsDrum and Bass
Februar 10, 2023UTMR067Zombie Cats - ClockworkDrum and Bass
Januar 27, 2023UTMR066Twice Vision - MomentDrum and Bass
Januar 13, 2023UTMR065Bazi - GraveyardDrum and Bass
Januar 6, 2023UTMR064Subrix - High VolumeDrum and Bass
Dezember 16, 2022UTMR063Ill Dynamics - WuppertalDrum and Bass
Dezember 2, 2022UTMR062Complex - Enter the DragonDrum and Bass
November 21, 2022UTMR061ZIONOV ND - Old StormDrum and Bass
November 4, 2022UTMR060UTM EP Vol. 9
(Neil Badboy, Theezer, Amonfire, ChrisP, Gisix, Tornatic)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 21, 2022UTMR059Judokay - Got That BlowDrum and Bass
Oktober 7, 2022UTMR058Rawmanski - Funky BristolDrum and Bass
September 23, 2022UTMR057Faun Dation - Highly AddictiveDrum and Bass
September 9, 2022UTMR056Gisix - DaydreamerDrum and Bass
August 26, 2022UTMR055PLTX feat. Kaja - Silver LiningsDrum and Bass
August 12, 2022UTMR054Nichenka Zoryana & Subrix - Dirty RadioDrum and Bass
Juli 29, 2022UTMR053Zigi SC - Gravity GunDrum and Bass
Juli 15, 2022UTMR052Neil Badboy - Emergency BroadcastDrum and Bass
Juli 1, 2022UTMR051UTM Various Flavours of Drum and Bass Compilation Vol. 2Drum and Bass
Juni 19, 2022UTMR050Bassface Sascha & Trinity - Inside the Rabbit Hole (PLTX Remix)Drum and Bass
Juni 3, 2022UTMR049Ly Da Buddah - GebimmelDrum and Bass
Mai 20, 2022UTMR048Petarda - Building IllusionsDrum and Bass
Mai 6, 2022UTMR047L 33 - Rock'n'StoneDrum and Bass
April 22, 2022UTMR046Fixrow - Dark TalesDrum and Bass
April 8, 2022UTMR045UTM EP / Compilation Vol. 8
(Dub Elements, Vulgarythm, Scartip, Taby feat. Monch MC, Tarma vs. Magmot, Clusta, Low Performance)
Drum and Bass
März 25, 2022UTMR044Kontrakt - DangerDrum and Bass
März 11, 2022UTMR043Bassface Sascha & Trinity - Inside the Rabbit HoleDrum and Bass
Februar 25, 2022UTMR042Hasky - ActivatedDrum and Bass
Februar 11, 2022UTMR041Freqax, Freqkid - The GiverDrum and Bass, Electronica/Downtempo
Januar 28, 2022UTMR040PLTX - SoundsDrum and Bass
Januar 14, 2022UTMR039Joined Forces
(Tobax, Despersion, Hasky, Tantrum.Today, Decrese, TNTKLZ, Clusta, Miss Redflower)
Drum and Bass
Dezember 30, 2021UTMR038Judokay - DeliveryDrum and Bass
Dezember 20, 2021UTMR037Exploid - Bridge into Your MemoriesDrum and Bass
Dezember 10, 2021UTMR036Petarda - AmnesiaDrum and Bass
November 12, 2021UTMR035UTM EP Vol. 7
(Rawmanski, PLTX, Phantom Warrior, Janosh, T:Base, Hasky, Freqax, Brusten, Scartip)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 29, 2021UTMR034Tantrum.Today - Doctor LDrum and Bass
Oktober 15, 2021UTMR033Tarma vs. Magmot - Light & DarknessDrum and Bass
Oktober 1, 2021UTMR032Bazi - WerewolfDrum and Bass
September 17, 2021UTMR031Tarma vs. Magmot - LightyearDrum and Bass
August 27, 2021UTMR030Tarma vs. Magmot - ChaosDrum and Bass
August 20, 2021UTMR029UTM Various Flavours of Drum and Bass Compilation Vol. 1Drum and Bass
Juli 16, 2021UTMR028Tarma vs. Magmot - Route 75Drum and Bass
Juli 9, 2021UTMR027Clusta - Dark DualityDrum and Bass
Juni 11, 2021UTMR026HighThere - Lights in the EmberDrum and Bass
Mai 7, 2021UTMR025Bazi & Taby - RevenantDrum and Bass
April 9, 2021UTMR024UTM EP Vol. 6
(Transforma, Petarda, One Mindz, Clusta, Scurrow)
Drum and Bass
März 12, 2021UTMR023EvilMind - Fall OutDrum and Bass
Februar 5, 2021UTMR022Aemmo - Come Play With UsDrum and Bass
Dezember 7, 2020UTMR021UTM EP Vol. 5
(Picota & Kumbh, Galante, UNIQ, Scurrow, Aemmo)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 16, 2020UTMR020Taby - ClockworkDrum and Bass
September 25, 2020UTMR019Clusta - IsolationDrum and Bass
April 6, 2020UTMR018UTM EP Vol. 4
(Tobax, Lifesize, Detoxic, Esba, PLTX, epsillon., EvilMind)
Drum and Bass
November 14, 2019UTMR017UTM EP Vol. 3
(PLTX, EvilMind, PLTX, Aemmo, Blvck Crowz, NANO42, Taby)
Drum and Bass
November 8, 2019UTMR016Destract - The Sweeping BlowDrum and Bass
August 9, 2019UTMR015PLTX & Berny - ZeitflussDrum and Bass
Juni 28, 2019UTMR014UTM EP Vol. 2
(Disphonia, TR Tactics, PLTX, Damaged Minds, EvilMind, Clusta)
Drum and Bass
März 18, 2019UTMR013PLTX - Distant MemoriesDrum and Bass
November 1, 2018UTMR012UTM EP Vol. 1
(Disprove, Subhype, Solar, Venom218, PLTX, Damaged Minds, Kryptomedic)
Drum and Bass
März 16, - Treasure IslandAmbient/Chillout, Lofi Hip Hop, Trap
August 4, 2017UTMR010BSolar - Australian Wildlife (Remixes)Drum and Bass
April 20, 2017UTMR010Solar - Australian WildlifeDrum and Bass
November 18, 2016UTMR009Sublab & Azaleh - New PathsAmbient/Chillout
September 30, 2016UTMR008Sublab & Venom218 - TimelessDrum and Bass
April 23, 2016UTMR007Equa - Pelagic ZoneDrum and Bass
April 1, 2016UTMR006Fock'dub Youth - Touching the StarsDubstep, Hard Dance
April 30, 2015UTMR005Loadedfist feat. Julia Baburova - ColorsDrum and Bass, Dubstep, Ambient/Chillout
Februar 6, 2015UTMR004USB Players - SunriseHouse
Dezember 21, 2014UTMR003Venom218 - Day of the DeadDrum and Bass
November 3, 2014UTMR002Sublab - TracesDrum and Bass, Break, Ambient/Chillout
Juli 25, 2014UTMR001Sublab & Dubtunes - EssenceDrum and Bass, Dubstep