Digital Record Label – Treasure Island

Katalog-Nr.: UTMR011
Ambient/Chillout, Lofi Hip Hop, Trap
Releasedatum: 16. März 2018

German artists is back another EP. Released under the wings of the local recordlabel UTM-Records, he blends together the world of electronic music production with the art of sampling. Mellow vibes combined with sticky hip hop grooves create a journey, you can easily join and get suck into. Lofi Hip Hop, Trap, Ambient and Downtempomusic – This is Treasure Island.

Tracklist - Far from Home - Let Him Down - Thoughts - Ulterior - Ents - Revelations


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ReleasedateCatalog-Nr.:ReleaseGenreListen, Stream OR BUYCover
Juli 12, 2024UTMR105PLTX feat. Mioso & Luc Allen - Make UsDrum and Bass
Juni 28, 2024UTMR104FMD&B - Gate XDrum and Bass
Juni 14, 2024UTMR103CyFunk - Electric DreamsDrum and Bass
Mai 31, 2024UTMR102Faun Dation - Island in the SkyDrum and Bass
Mai 17, 2024UTMR101Padaw4n - InertionDrum and Bass
Mai 3, 2024UTMR100Best of 100Drum and Bass
April 19, 2024UTMR099RVOLT - Catastrophic FailureDrum and Bass
April 5, 2024UTMR098Nestroy & Baxker - Show You HowDrum and Bass
März 22, 2024UTMR097Fixrow - Wrong PlaceDrum and Bass
März 8, 2024UTMR096UTM EP Vol. 12
(TKR, SKTR, Mel, Shrust, Hasky, JimZima)
Drum and Bass
Februar 23, 2024UTMR095Freezidnb - Burned Love LettersDrum and Bass
Februar 9, 2024UTMR094Tornatic - Deep N´ BassDrum and Bass
Januar 26, 2024UTMR093Confusion - BassfaceDrum and Bass
Januar 12, 2024UTMR092Agressor Bunx - HyperdustDrum and Bass
Dezember 29, 2023UTMR091Dirty Plates - Evil ShadowsDrum and Bass
Dezember 15, 2023UTMR090Faun Dation - Voice in My HeadDrum and Bass
Dezember 1, 2023UTMR089Drumago - The Evil InsideDrum and Bass
November 17, 2023UTMR088GMG - TurnDrum and Bass
November 4, 2023UTMR087UTM EP Vol. 11
(Agressor Bunx, Echochambers, Freezidnb, Gisix, Ethera)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 20, 2023UTMR086Subsko - WireDrum and Bass
Oktober 6, 2023UTMR085MILA207 & Dephzac - Deep & DarkDrum and Bass
September 22, 2023UTMR084Judokay - Delivery Remixes, Pt. OneDrum and Bass
September 20, 2023UTMR083Judokay - 2 Tuff (Eskei83 Remix)Drum and Bass
September 8, 2023UTMR082Mc Lovin - Dream LandDrum and Bass
August 25, 2023UTMR081Noise.Dsgnr - Chaos TheoryDrum and Bass
August 11, 2023UTMR080gus - A Cure for DepressionDrum and Bass
Juli 28, 2023UTMR079UTM Various Flavours of Drum and Bass Compilation Vol. 3Drum and Bass
Juli 14, 2023UTMR078Ill Dynamics - DeathmachineDrum and Bass
Juni 30, 2023UTMR077Desire - Lose ControlDrum and Bass
Juni 16, 2023UTMR076Joined Forces 2
(Tobax, Karpa & Confusion, NERVƎ, Tantrum.Today, it is Jev, Sindicate, Bongy)
Drum and Bass
Juni 2, 2023UTMR075Squnc - Dreams of TechnologyDrum and Bass
Mai 19, 2023UTMR074Tornatic - Back to the MadnessDrum and Bass
Mai 5, 2023UTMR073N.O.C.K - Changing WorldDrum and Bass
April 21, 2023UTMR072UTM EP Vol. 10
(Sinister Souls, Dub Flavour, Faun Dation, Gisix, Wake N Bass)
Drum and Bass
April 7, 2023UTMR071Void S - ShaolinDrum and Bass
März 24, 2023UTMR070Kontrakt - BiomutantDrum and Bass
März 10, 2023UTMR069Chax - FractureDrum and Bass
Februar 24, 2023UTMR068Bare the RootsDrum and Bass
Februar 10, 2023UTMR067Zombie Cats - ClockworkDrum and Bass
Januar 27, 2023UTMR066Twice Vision - MomentDrum and Bass
Januar 13, 2023UTMR065Bazi - GraveyardDrum and Bass
Januar 6, 2023UTMR064Subrix - High VolumeDrum and Bass
Dezember 16, 2022UTMR063Ill Dynamics - WuppertalDrum and Bass
Dezember 2, 2022UTMR062Complex - Enter the DragonDrum and Bass
November 21, 2022UTMR061ZIONOV ND - Old StormDrum and Bass
November 4, 2022UTMR060UTM EP Vol. 9
(Neil Badboy, Theezer, Amonfire, ChrisP, Gisix, Tornatic)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 21, 2022UTMR059Judokay - Got That BlowDrum and Bass
Oktober 7, 2022UTMR058Rawmanski - Funky BristolDrum and Bass
September 23, 2022UTMR057Faun Dation - Highly AddictiveDrum and Bass
September 9, 2022UTMR056Gisix - DaydreamerDrum and Bass
August 26, 2022UTMR055PLTX feat. Kaja - Silver LiningsDrum and Bass
August 12, 2022UTMR054Nichenka Zoryana & Subrix - Dirty RadioDrum and Bass
Juli 29, 2022UTMR053Zigi SC - Gravity GunDrum and Bass
Juli 15, 2022UTMR052Neil Badboy - Emergency BroadcastDrum and Bass
Juli 1, 2022UTMR051UTM Various Flavours of Drum and Bass Compilation Vol. 2Drum and Bass
Juni 19, 2022UTMR050Bassface Sascha & Trinity - Inside the Rabbit Hole (PLTX Remix)Drum and Bass
Juni 3, 2022UTMR049Ly Da Buddah - GebimmelDrum and Bass
Mai 20, 2022UTMR048Petarda - Building IllusionsDrum and Bass
Mai 6, 2022UTMR047L 33 - Rock'n'StoneDrum and Bass
April 22, 2022UTMR046Fixrow - Dark TalesDrum and Bass
April 8, 2022UTMR045UTM EP / Compilation Vol. 8
(Dub Elements, Vulgarythm, Scartip, Taby feat. Monch MC, Tarma vs. Magmot, Clusta, Low Performance)
Drum and Bass
März 25, 2022UTMR044Kontrakt - DangerDrum and Bass
März 11, 2022UTMR043Bassface Sascha & Trinity - Inside the Rabbit HoleDrum and Bass
Februar 25, 2022UTMR042Hasky - ActivatedDrum and Bass
Februar 11, 2022UTMR041Freqax, Freqkid - The GiverDrum and Bass, Electronica/Downtempo
Januar 28, 2022UTMR040PLTX - SoundsDrum and Bass
Januar 14, 2022UTMR039Joined Forces
(Tobax, Despersion, Hasky, Tantrum.Today, Decrese, TNTKLZ, Clusta, Miss Redflower)
Drum and Bass
Dezember 30, 2021UTMR038Judokay - DeliveryDrum and Bass
Dezember 20, 2021UTMR037Exploid - Bridge into Your MemoriesDrum and Bass
Dezember 10, 2021UTMR036Petarda - AmnesiaDrum and Bass
November 12, 2021UTMR035UTM EP Vol. 7
(Rawmanski, PLTX, Phantom Warrior, Janosh, T:Base, Hasky, Freqax, Brusten, Scartip)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 29, 2021UTMR034Tantrum.Today - Doctor LDrum and Bass
Oktober 15, 2021UTMR033Tarma vs. Magmot - Light & DarknessDrum and Bass
Oktober 1, 2021UTMR032Bazi - WerewolfDrum and Bass
September 17, 2021UTMR031Tarma vs. Magmot - LightyearDrum and Bass
August 27, 2021UTMR030Tarma vs. Magmot - ChaosDrum and Bass
August 20, 2021UTMR029UTM Various Flavours of Drum and Bass Compilation Vol. 1Drum and Bass
Juli 16, 2021UTMR028Tarma vs. Magmot - Route 75Drum and Bass
Juli 9, 2021UTMR027Clusta - Dark DualityDrum and Bass
Juni 11, 2021UTMR026HighThere - Lights in the EmberDrum and Bass
Mai 7, 2021UTMR025Bazi & Taby - RevenantDrum and Bass
April 9, 2021UTMR024UTM EP Vol. 6
(Transforma, Petarda, One Mindz, Clusta, Scurrow)
Drum and Bass
März 12, 2021UTMR023EvilMind - Fall OutDrum and Bass
Februar 5, 2021UTMR022Aemmo - Come Play With UsDrum and Bass
Dezember 7, 2020UTMR021UTM EP Vol. 5
(Picota & Kumbh, Galante, UNIQ, Scurrow, Aemmo)
Drum and Bass
Oktober 16, 2020UTMR020Taby - ClockworkDrum and Bass
September 25, 2020UTMR019Clusta - IsolationDrum and Bass
April 6, 2020UTMR018UTM EP Vol. 4
(Tobax, Lifesize, Detoxic, Esba, PLTX, epsillon., EvilMind)
Drum and Bass
November 14, 2019UTMR017UTM EP Vol. 3
(PLTX, EvilMind, PLTX, Aemmo, Blvck Crowz, NANO42, Taby)
Drum and Bass
November 8, 2019UTMR016Destract - The Sweeping BlowDrum and Bass
August 9, 2019UTMR015PLTX & Berny - ZeitflussDrum and Bass
Juni 28, 2019UTMR014UTM EP Vol. 2
(Disphonia, TR Tactics, PLTX, Damaged Minds, EvilMind, Clusta)
Drum and Bass
März 18, 2019UTMR013PLTX - Distant MemoriesDrum and Bass
November 1, 2018UTMR012UTM EP Vol. 1
(Disprove, Subhype, Solar, Venom218, PLTX, Damaged Minds, Kryptomedic)
Drum and Bass
März 16, - Treasure IslandAmbient/Chillout, Lofi Hip Hop, Trap
August 4, 2017UTMR010BSolar - Australian Wildlife (Remixes)Drum and Bass
April 20, 2017UTMR010Solar - Australian WildlifeDrum and Bass
November 18, 2016UTMR009Sublab & Azaleh - New PathsAmbient/Chillout
September 30, 2016UTMR008Sublab & Venom218 - TimelessDrum and Bass
April 23, 2016UTMR007Equa - Pelagic ZoneDrum and Bass
April 1, 2016UTMR006Fock'dub Youth - Touching the StarsDubstep, Hard Dance
April 30, 2015UTMR005Loadedfist feat. Julia Baburova - ColorsDrum and Bass, Dubstep, Ambient/Chillout
Februar 6, 2015UTMR004USB Players - SunriseHouse
Dezember 21, 2014UTMR003Venom218 - Day of the DeadDrum and Bass
November 3, 2014UTMR002Sublab - TracesDrum and Bass, Break, Ambient/Chillout
Juli 25, 2014UTMR001Sublab & Dubtunes - EssenceDrum and Bass, Dubstep